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(Sajel)- Is it possible to position a fire position and a 60 inch lcd tv in the same 20-32 residing room? If so which should be the a growing concern and how do you see both, or do you create two neat places to see and separate the two spaces?

This is challenging concern to answer without understanding exactly the design and overall look of your fire position. Most periods, fireplaces and lcd tvs are being incorporated together on the same materials if the fire position is situated squarely on the materials. Usually, a lcd can be mounted above the fire position to create one key position in a position. For this reason, you must consider the form of fire position settings to offer a layout as described. However, if you have a area fire position, then a lcd can be placed in a customized device next to it to create one bigger key area.

(Ranjana)- I am hoping you can help. I am currently redecorating the bed room, dimension 18'x20'. I have new furnishings Cherry wooden color,the materials r darkish bravo, carpeting is rose , I am wondering what color bed page and drapes would brighten up the room
my favourite colours cream/sage green/lavender. I am not planning to color the position or modify the carpeting. I welcome your sugestions.

Home Weblink Design suggests to integrate a bedding ensemble that has the blend of sage, rose and bravo. There are many modern beddings available these days that have a combination of these colours. For example, there are stripe styles available that would look excellent in a bed room. Also, choose a strong bed sheet set that is one of the feature colours (sage, bravo or lavender) of your option. This will incorporate nicely with the whole look of your bed room without frustrating the area.

(Simi)- I would like to get some shade guidance as well as couch option guidance. Color: I would like to pick one shade to circulation through the whole position (formal dining/living, cooking area, and household room). We have mahogany real wood ground that flows through the top part entrance (formal dining/living) position, and into the property. Living room and the cooking area are in one start area with an arc divider panel. Our cooking area cabinet is candy walnut with tan brownish marble kitchen counter and dark-colored equipment and with very lighting brownish-red 12" flooring.

What shade would be suitable for our wall? We want something relaxing.Sofa: We are debating between organic leather and content couches. Leather might create the property seem a bit cold/hard where content might bring warmth/cozyness. Or maybe I'm totally wrong. :)

The easiest alternative to selecting color colour is to add a impartial bravo tone to the materials. Nowadays, the mocha and smooth candy brown colours are well-known because of their earthy heated experience. Look at Ben Moore Paints for examples in the Historical color category. Also, a top excellent brownish organic leather couch can be cozy and modern. (You may also want to feature your organic leather couch with toss cushions that synchronize with the current shade of the house.)

(Bhavna)-My position is fairly little, with a little display as well in one area. The position is about 10ftX10ft and the furnishings is oversized in a cherry mahogany form of shade. We're repainting the position from the original "icing on a cake" (the lighting natural color you discover as icing) to something elese, huge should also help brighten up the position. Right now, I'm considering olivey natural, huge we picked was "the thames" by Behr. However, no one seems to agree. What would you suggest? Another thought that surpassed my mind was art perform the roof the same shade as the materials...would this help to create the position look bigger?

Greens are very well-known in modern Alpine design chalet furnishings with rustic and wealthy wooden finishings! Therefore, you might be deciding on the best form of shade scheme. For example, the "sage" colours are very alluring. However, you may want to add an feature color shade of sage to the position and use a impartial platform color shade for the relax of the materials. This would give the position personality without "overkill." For example, Ben Moore has many new kinds of sage veggies that would be excellent for an feature materials shade like; Providence olive (HC-98) or Nantucket gray (HC-111). These feature colours can be harmonized with a smooth impartial color shade like; Manchester tan (HC-81) or Carrington Mild tan (HC-93)-for the remaining materials. If you introduce a smooth platform shade with an feature color shade, the position will not look smaller! Instead, it will create more personality and interest!

(Monica)- I need to substitute my refrigerator. My stove and dish washer are white-colored. Would it be okay to get a metal refrigerator. Thanks.

Today there are many individuals who are slowly upgrading to newer equipment. With this said, it is still okay to buy a metal refrigerator even if you have white-colored equipment in the cooking area. However, there are a pair of things that you can examine out beforehand. First of all, if your current white-colored equipment have any noticeable darkish colored functions (like dark-colored handles) , then you might want to consider a dark-colored refrigerator so that it coordinates better with the current look of your cooking area. But, if this is not the situation, then you might also want to consider having the top part of your dish washer paneled with a metal experience if you buy a stainless-steel refrigerator. Most older dishwashers have a section experience that can be replaced quickly to synchronize with the look of the position. (Later, you can buy a matching oven/range when time allows.)

(Jagdeesh)- I have a 10 year old start concept house. The primary ground has organic walnut wooden flooring. There are approximately 6 actions that go upper level to a additional room(over the garage) then continue with 3 more actions to the upper level bed areas. I need to substitute the carpeting on the actions, additional position and bed areas. The additional position is used as a t.v position. I am considering putting real wood on the actions and additional position. Can I use a different real wood than organic maple? I was considering Ash or Hickory. Also, I am worried the real wood in the additional position will be freezing since the position is over the garage area.

Adding a new form of wooden than an current wooden flooring will be quite different because of the differences in feed, texture and stain consistency. It is best to sustain reliability with wooden flooring to be able to keep the same look, experience and circulation within a house. Before installing real wood in the additional position, you should examine to see that the position is not subjected to great levels of moisture and moisture. It is also essential to examine the subflooring in this position depending on the form of finished and unfinished real wood you choose. To keep heat within this position, be sure to finish your garage area roof with double set up and drywall (if this is not already done.)

(Mena)-How do I create my tiny restroom seem bigger? It is very darkish, has no position for more lighting or mirrors. Thanks!

There are different methods to create the overall look of a bigger restroom. FIrstly, try to color the materials and roof in a impartial platform shade to be able for up the position. (You can add an feature color shade to the mirror materials position to be able to add attention and contrast.) Try to choose restroom furnishings that is lighting and airy like; cup, metal or white-colored accents. It is essential that you do not mess a little restroom with unnecessary items. Another concept to boost the dimension your restroom, is to modify out any old illumination that may dim the area. Try to choose new lights that are modern and shiny. If you have a bathtub layer, try to relocate the layer rod to the top of the celing size and add longer bathtub drapes that come down close to the platform of the bathtub. This will create the overall look of size within your restroom that makes a dramatic look.

(Rajesh)- Seeking to update cooking area....still fit...just over 25 years old....Maybe new counter tops and new flooring materials. Seeking "middle" of the line on spending budget...Any suggestions? I do have metal equipment.

There are different methods to update a cooking area without having to obtain an whole renovating. For example, update your current units with new metal or nickle components like door manages and/or knobs. Also, try to substitute taps, sinks and illumination to boost the look of your cooking area. Today there are many different modern designs of cooking area finishings that can offer an immediate update and renovation to any cooking area. Another excellent way to modernize your area is to update your counter tops and back splash with marble, record, mosaic cup ground tile, metal, or excellent wood flooring. There are many new wood flooring counter tops that appear like real rock or strong materials (all of which are less costly than marble.) Try to invest excellent cash on at least one aspect of the cooking area like either the flooring materials, counter tops, back splash and/or cabinetry!

(Sandy)- What is the best way to update a fire position materials that is Old Chicago, illinois brick? There is no mantel to speak of, either, just two rock parts jutting out that can hold wooden as a mantel. Thanks!

Depending whether if you like huge of your "Old Chicago" design rock or not, there are simple methods to update a fire position with paint! There are various methods to color the exterior of rock, but be sure to buy a top excellent oil centered color like Ben Moore’s Satin Oil Impervo color. A trick is to thin out the oil centered color so that it will penetrate the rock without it scorching away like regular color. Other solutions for upgrading your fire position is to modify out the hearth (or platform ground cap) of the fire position with rock or ground tile and/or including a mantel or (wood surround mantel) to the current fire position. Usually, a excellent finishing contractor can design or box the fire position with a mantel without any difficulties. Another new concept seen these days, is including concrete materials to current rock therapies. This is a modern look that uses concrete to create huge flooring or panels along the materials exterior of a fireplace! However, you will need to hire the right contractors for the job because the planning of the experience of your fire position needs to be done correctly for this to perform.

(Ravi) I reside in a underground room house with low roofs... and workplace lights! Any recommendation on how I can enhance them?

If you are able to update without restrictions from a landlord or by-laws, then there are some simple lighting solutions for fixing workplace illumination. First of all, you can quickly modify out workplace illumination to modern decorative monitor illumination. There are many excellent designs available these days that offer brushed chrome or stainless-steel finishings. Also,depending on the number of workplace lighting that you need to eliminate, you can protect any additional illumination sockets with special metal protects without having to install monitor lighting for every workplace lighting you eliminate. (Remember that you can always put back the workplace lighting when you're ready to move out!) Secondly, if you don't like decorative monitor illumination because the celiings are low, then try purchasing some roof lighting that will not dangle too low. However, the most expert look to enhance your underground room is to have "pot" lighting or recessed lighting installed. An electrician and drywaller will have to be hired, but this will increase the value and look of the area tremendously.

(Mandy) What is Celenio?

Celenio is an exlusive wooden ground tile that is becoming well-known these days because of its multiple uses within design. It is the overall look of ground tile, but has the look of rock, record or organic leather. This item is a superb way to accomplish an exciting and exclusive look with a glueless set up procedure.

(Archana) Are there any drawbacks to using cork floorings?

Cork flooring materials is very durable and heated. There are many amazing cork floorings these days, but be sure to look at the set up and planning procedure before selecting your flooring materials. Also, cork flooring materials can reduce eventually if your flooring materials is exposed to a lot of sunshine.

(Preeti) What are some shade styles today?

Today many restrooms and cooking areas have gone darkish with wealthy brown colours and shades of black. However, strong contrasts with non colored documents have also been well-known with bunches of shiny colours. Another hot shade is "purple" for that trendy modern look!

(Pratibha) Where should I put my renovating money when renovating a home?

This is individuals are asking that many customers experience when renovation a house. If you are watching your spending budget, or just want to be sure to get your money out later when promoting, then look at two major places in renovations; restrooms and cooking areas. Most periods, individuals will get their cash out of houses when the restrooms and cooking areas are upgraded with accessories, components, equipment, flooring materials, units, counter tops and components. Try not to skimp on these places because buyers will notice!

(Poornima) How can I reuse furnishings without having to go out and buy new ones?

Depending on the furnishings, you can buy slip protects or re-cover seats with new materials. Another excellent way of getting a new look is to re-paint furnishings. Be sure to prepare first with burning if necessary. Also, tossing toss cushions on couches can create an instant modify.

(Shruti) Should I repaint units in a cooking area and shower area?

Depending upon your spending budget, you can get away with re-painting units. However, be sure to discover an established painter who can do an excellent job or be sure that you prepare and strip them well. The better efforts that you create on burning and filling, the better the outcome! The less chipping will occur during time.

(A.Khan) I need some help with trying to complete a materials with something inexpensive to hang?!

There are a lot of different methods that you can complete up a materials without having to buy costly art parts. We have worked with customers in the past who like art perform, but cannot afford the price tag associated with some parts. So here are some options: try using outside divisions or sticks to create an artistic back drop; try grouping little mounted pictures together to create one huge a growing concern on the wall; try a section content art perform or section screens; look at different stick on murals that can even be found in Ikea; try hanging an iron frame art item or screen; try a collection of plates according to your area position or try floating shelves!

(Abhijeet) I need help with my house for storage?

Small areas can be challenging, but there are a lot of solutions these days. Look at furnishings that have areas in them like; ottomans, platforms, buffet platforms, etc. There are other methods to create storage area area, by putting racks or smooth units on materials to create a develop in look. Also, look at storage area boxes that look more like furnishings so that they can be placed out in a position as a show item.

(Raj) Can you tell me what colours would synchronize well with darkish brown-black surfaces for a children bedroom?

There are some really neat children bed room colours that you can synchronize with darkish flooring materials. Some recent colours that are wealthy and alluring are pink with brownish, blue with brownish, green with brownish and lime w/ brownish. Of course, you can incorporate more conventional colours like creams, reds, yellows, and whites with wealthy brown colours.

(Nithin) Can you position record on exteriors of homes?

Yes, you can position rock flooring and record outside. However, be sure to seal and prepare your mesh backing properly so that rain does not loosen your item. Since you reside in a hotter environment, you will have less worries than chillier environment locations for cracking. There are a lot of record houses in Mexico with moisture higher than Arizona.

(Sonja) I want to completely redo my livingroom which is rectangle-shaped in overall look (size approximately. 21 by 15). Would you recommend building a position divider?

Depending upon what you would like to divide within your room--a position divider panel is useful if you are trying to create two different areas within one position. For example, if you would like to have a seating area and an bistro, then splitting the position can help. But, be careful that you do not create a strong department within this form of space! Instead, consider easier solutions like an start rectangle book situation that divides your area, but which one can partially see between. This will create a false materials look, but will also create a divided feel; or you might consider to use a display that provides the department without being too distractful. Whichever way you choose to go, keep in mind that your furnishings setup will naturally create a department between any two places that you want to create! Our recommendation is to try something that is temporary before including anything that cannot be removed later -(Just in case you choose that it is not something you want).

(Shinterior) How do you solve the TV vs. Fireplace a growing concern battle in a residing room?

Televisions can be an eye sore in most areas, however there are methods that you can create stability with your fireplace! First, create sure of attention above your fire position with a art perform and/or components above the fire position and mantel position to stability the "squareness" of the tv. Placing art perform or a huge print will counter-balance the t.v materials device and fire position place. Add attention with your furnishings by treating the materials device and fire position together in your area. Be sure to add exciting parts on the racks of your device to ease the harshness of the t.v. Nowadays, many modern areas are incorporating the smooth displays with critical mounts to offer the positioning of the t.v display..(this will eliminate the neck strain as you mentioned.) However, if this is not your preference, then consider a few solutions below:

a. If your materials device is designed in, have an established contractor customize your device with the addition of either sliding gates or section cup gates to protect up the tv from vision. This is not as challenging as it may seem if you can add gates to your device and it will protect up your tv from sight!

b. If your spending budget allows, changing your tv to a modern widescreen can be more appealing in a room! Nowadays, tvs have come a lengthy way, and you do not have to mount it on the wall! The free-standing smooth displays are very modern and sleek!

c. Try eliminating your mess around the tv position by putting CDs, DVD's and remote controls in a basket or hidden ottoman compartment. De-clutter your t.v device with items that might create it appear messy. Use your bookcase as a showcase for furnishings items! Understand that less is more when decorating!

d. If you want a complete overhaul, then have your whole bookcase redone! This will be the more costly option, but if your bookcase is not a customized build-in, then you might want to reconsider including a excellent device for the whole look to circulation together. There are even excellent prefabricated bookshelves available at different stores that have a modern look to them without being too expensive! Also, consider including illumination within your bookcase to ease the look at night!

*Your solutions can be variable, however try working with your position by including furnishings items that circulation together and ease the fire position & TV materials area!

(Kedar)- I reside in a 4000sq foot house that was designed in the 1980. The materials are created of cedar plank except for the bed areas. Your property position has a big two story fire position that is created of rock. The concern I have is how do I lighten the position up. The materials are too darkish and it will be an issue when I try to resale the house.

It sounds like the house has a lot of character! This can be a great factor or a bad factor, but for the most part, if your materials are covered with cedar plank panels it may not be that bad! Nowadays, many design designs are moving towards including organic materials on materials and even roofs.There is a pattern that is being seen with rock feature materials and wooden plank walls! Now, if you do not want to color out your materials, then try to add furnishings components that ease the overall look and feeling of your places. This means that your furnishings, position carpets, shades and illumination should be impartial and lighter. Try to integrate more neutrals within your design. Another wise decision is to create sure that you declutter your places before promoting. If you add too many items and furnishings components, then your area will experience lesser. You can also ease your materials with excellent art parts that have lighter abstract shades. There are many smooth white-colored shades that would look excellent compared against darker materials. Also, if your surfaces are darkish, you can brighten up them up with a impartial shade position carpeting that may ease the experience of your position.

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